Do you know where to find HR support to optimise performance, and
manage under performance?

Do you understand your communication and management style and how it affects your team?  

Do you feel confident in dealing with difficult human resources (HR) issues; and

Do you have HR policies and procedures in place that comply with Modern Awards?   

Workshop Consultancy works with small to medium business's to assist navigate the people side of their business.   Our goal is to see your business thrive by supporting you to foster a team that is energised and engaged and reaching their full potential.   

We have over  20 years of HR and people experience to provide workable, effective solutions to small, medium and large businesses.   Those businesses have been in a variety of industries including mining services, oil and gas, public sector, not for profit, agriculture and aged care. 

We can design and run affordable training and workshops in areas of Communication, Performance Management and Navigating Change.     

‚ÄčWe also have affordable coaching packages for individuals through Achieve Change packages.